In Proge-Software, we consider people to be the most precious asset. This is why we invest in their training and growth, always with an eye on innovation. All thanks to a synergical relationship, built over the years with Universities, Research Centers and with the main technological partners present on the market worldwide. The numbers speak for themselves: + 20% personal growth in the last 5 years, +1,000 certifications, 8% of revenues invested in R&D, 100% of internships converted into permanent employment relationships.

Listen to the experiences of the people who work in Proge-Software to get a taste of the working atmosphere that you can find here. Whether they are fresh from hiring or have been working for our team for years, they will tell you the same satisfaction. It doesnt matter for which area you decide to apply: all personal and professional experiences have in common deep-rooted ethical principles, team spirit, the possibility of professional growth and continuous improvement incentives.

Giorgio Di Nardo
App & Data Director
Alessandra Casciotti
Hr & Administration Officer
Fernando De Mennato
Solution Architect
Francesco Venturini
Solution Architect & Project Manager
Isabella Galluzzi
Governance Officer